How To Use Dropified

Everything you need to know from setting up Dropified, to importing products, and fulfilling orders.

Setting Up Dropified

Setting up default product descriptions, creating pricing markups for your Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ or BigCommerce Store... and more!

Importing & Editing Your Products

Setting up multiple suppliers, connecting products and syncing inventory levels between multiple suppliers and Dropified... and more!

Ordering With Dropfied

Single & bulk order processing, syncing tracking information, adding custom tracking URL's, branding your order tracking links... and more!

Advanced Features

Installing & using AliExtractor, setting up Callflex & creating callflows, maximizing profits using Profit Dashboard, finding youtube videos to advertise on... and more!


How to run all your Shopify stores in one Dropified Dashboard, and how to get help with Dropified from our help blogs.

Store Training

Change your store’s name & URL, customizing your theme, setting up payments, submitting your store's sitemap to google search console... and more!